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Top 5 In Vitro Diagnostic Solution Companies In UK - 2020

With the Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the rising fatality rates of disorders such as CVD, CHD, Stroke, Cancer, and other heart conditions, the in-vitro diagnostics market is witnessing a boost in innovation, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain processes. At the same time, the vigorous government contributions, as well as company approaches, are also supporting the growth of the in-vitro diagnostics market. In light of this, many companies are striving to develop newer concepts and theories for diagnosing chronic ailments using in-vitro diagnostics.

Recent developments made in in-vitro diagnostic solutions have been prolific for end-users as well as companies and manufacturers. A prime example would be the surge in geriatric patients opting for in-vitro diagnostics over other avenues due to its enhanced portability factor. In addition to geriatrics, in-vitro diagnostics help treat severe chronic ailments, bowel disorders, and muscle and joint injuries, wherein physical movements are limited.

The in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) lab stands at the centre of clinical decision-making due to its critical role in data generation. And with several leading studies highlighting the impact of AI in the management of data sets and extraction of critical insights, the IVD space is expected to change in the coming years dramatically. To help healthcare organisations select the best IVD vendors, MD Tech Review’s editorial board has narrowed down a list of IVD solution providers that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and intuitive strategies.

We present to you the ‘Top 5 In-Vitro Diagnostic Solution Providers in the UK – 2020.’

    Top In Vitro Diagnostic Solution Companies In UK

  • ARC Regulatory's primary focus is to help both pharma and diagnostics sponsors in bringing targeted therapies to the market. To understand and meet the challenges in the vitro diagnostic sector, the company’s highly experienced team of CDx experts continuously tackle complex issues surrounding CDx-enabled therapies, drug-diagnostic co-development, and IVD medical devices. They support large pharmaceutical companies in their clinical development programmes and IVD manufacturers in their regulatory approvals and work with industry leaders to help them align with the FDA and other regulatory body expectations

  • Fortress Diagnostics develops an extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostic tests from its ISO 13485:2016-accredited facility in the UK. The company remains focused and committed to the advancement of the diagnostic industry. That’s why it re-invests 30 percent of turnover into R&D and employs a highly skilled team of research scientists to innovate new and optimize existing products. To exceed customers’ performance expectations, Fortress Diagnostics stays current with the latest technologies and market trends to offer cutting-edge solutions to its distributors and end-users. Along with its high-quality products and competitive prices, the loyal and knowledgeable customer base played a crucial role in the success of Fortress Diagnostics

  • Abingdon Health

    Abingdon Health

    Abingdon Health is a technology-enabled lateral flow diagnostics company providing leading-edge rapid testing solutions to a multi-industry, global client base. Abingdon Health provides lateral flow assay development and smartphone reader solutions alongside Europe’s largest rapid test manufacturing capacity. A multi-disciplinary team forms the foundations of their services and a partnership-led approach alongside a focus on operational excellence produces reliable products irrespective of their complexity. Established supply chain and manufacturing processes are tailored to assay specifications and market demand for continuity of supply.



    ANGLE plc is a specialized medical diagnostics company with products in the cancer diagnostics and fetal health markets. ANGLE plc’s lead product, the Parsortix cell separation system, captures very rare cells from blood. This includes circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in cancer patient blood – even when there is less than one CTC per billion healthy cells. The resulting liquid biopsy allows investigation of mutations in the patient’s cancer, and enables precision medicine. ANGLE plc has launched a product for the research market and has secured CE Mark regulatory approval for the clinical market in Europe. The FDA approval process is underway for the clinical market in the US

  • Clinical Design Technologies Limited

    Clinical Design Technologies Limited

    Clinical Design has worked intensively alongside clinicians, engineers and scientists over the past 10 years to deliver high-performance, cost-effective medical device technology that meets the demands of modern healthcare. We have a bespoke production facility in Cornwall, UK – and have been supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the South West AHSN Digital Accelerator Programme. Urine Testing System™ is a CE marked, award winning, integrated digital system, providing accurate, hygienic and easy-to-use digital urine testing at point of care. .